Saturday, December 4, 2010

"It Not Your Day"

All I heard about on Thursday was lunch detention. The penalty for a uniform violation is a lunch detention. There were at least 8 detention slips given in my literature class yesterday morning. It was "It is not your day" Day. Some of the detentions were forgiven later in the day.

The temperature hovered around freezing on Thursday. It was cold outside! Students were not in compliance to the uniform code not because they wanted to flaunt the uniform code; students were wearing outer coats because it was cold!!

Teachers fail to realize how cold it can get traveling from building to building on the campus because most of them do not have to make as many trips as most students. Mr. Constantine, for instance, almost never leaves the upper school computer room.

Thursday's action by the English faculty infuriated many students who did not receive a lunch detention. Most seniors received lunch detentions for wearing colored sweaters. Wearing a colored sweater is a senior right according to the uniform code. Apparently, the teachers were not aware of all of the rules.

Members of the English department, when questioned about the sudden increase in uniform enforcement responded, “Because the English department was the only one that did not give out lunch detentions, or enforce the uniform code.” Of course they would pick a day when the temperature sat near 32 F. Students need an alternative jacket that will comply with the uniform code and meet student desires for style and grace. The current options, as outlined in the handbook, do not really meet student needs at this point.

Students will continue to wear whatever keeps then warm, lunch detention or not. How hard is it for the school to find some sort of compromise with the students? Maybe a meeting is in order.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wakefield's Road to Accredidation

Wakefield was closely examined by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) over the week of November 12-15, 2010. The process began on Sunday November 12, 2010 with a reception and tour of the campus attended by the entire faculty. The VAIS team, made of independent school administrators and teachers from several disciplines,came to Wakefield's beautiful campus to do more than just to take in the view and look at the classrooms.

Representatives from VAIS sat in every class at least once, to gain a greater understanding of the Wakefield way. The VAIS representatives were on campus until Wednesday, November 15, 2010 meeting with various teachers and heads of the departments to truly soak up what Wakefield stands for.

This is a process that occurs every 10 years and is more than just a rubber stamp. The process gives Wakefield an opportunity to show other independent schools what makes us uniqiue. The visit was a overwhelming success and Wakefield continues to uphold its core values, making it one of the best schools in the state.

The Gift Giving Season

Now is the time to share with people. Be sure to listen for Service Club announcements and help in anyway you can by donating canned food. Be sure to extend your reach outside that of Wakefield and spend some time in your local community in service projects. If you have ideas for projects that you think the Service Club would be interested be sure to let Mrs. Wyrsch know. The Service Club has many projects coming up and they would love as much help as possible.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Wakefield Performing Arts has done it again! Macbeth took place on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the lower gym.The production was a huge hit selling out all three nights. The show required taking down the set and adding more seats for Friday's performance.

Thoreau Martin and Kate Crescenzo took the lead roles as Macbeth and his spouse and tackled them with great control. "For the first time being in a lead role I felt I did a great job, but it was no easy task because of the amount of lines I had to remember." said Martin of his performance. Sixth grader Cason Atkinson played Malcolm with stunning aplomb and maturity. The middle schooler's performance rocked the house. Freshman Crescenzo's memorable performance as Lady Macbeth promises to be the first of many great roles for the freshman on the Wakefield stage.

The whole cast of the production, including several faculty members, did a wonderful job performing in front of packed houses on all three nights. The play was an amazing production and showed what Wakefield Performing Arts can bring to the table. Director Tom Bazar added another feather to his directors cap with this show. If you missed this production of Macbeth, make sure to come out and see All in the Timing in December. Performing Arts is on a roll!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kourtnee's Korner--Class Days

It’s my senior year and in most of my time here, enduring class days, has all been the same. I couldn’t even begin to tell the difference between what I did 6th grade year or 11th grade year. Why you ask? Because THEY HAVE ALL BEEN THE SAME!! Don’t get me wrong it’s cool to have a little buddy in lower school who looks up to you and all, but there is no bonding going on at all, which is supposed to be the point of Class Days. I don’t learn a lot from my buddies, because they either don’t talk, or I don’t find what they are talking about to be interesting. Having buddies would be fun if the activities were fun. A new set list of activities is needed. The same thing every year, going to the Corn Maze, games on the lower field, and capture the flag on the upper field, and calling it a day. Is it so hard to ask for something new to do every year?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dig Pink Tournament

On Tuesday October 19th 2010, the Wakefield varsity volleyball team went to Highland to participate in the Dig Pink tournament. The Dig Pink is hosted every year by Highland in order to raise money for breast cancer. Highland raises the money by taking donations for every kill, ace, and block throughout the whole game.

The Wakefield volleyball team played one game against Highland for the best 3 out of 5. The volleyball team stayed strong and got to the fifth set against the Hawks but sadly did not prevail.The Owls first played the hawks in the beginning of the year and lost in the first 3 sets. It was a major improvement for the volleyball girls. The Wakefield volleyball team will play Foxcroft on their turf on Saturday, October 23rd. Come out and support your Wakefield girls!

Button, Ward, and Malinowski...Classroom Veterans

Wakefield has brought 3 new teachers aboard, Mr. David Button, Mrs Stacy Malinowski, and Mr. Steven Ward. Their teaching styles differ as greatly as their names do from one another. With a background in the sciences and mathamatics all three make these subjects their prowess! Heres the quick version of what you need to know.

Mrs Stacy Malinowski is the first athletic trainer in Wakefield history. She provides a great service to all students even beyond that of the classroom. She has spent the last 9 years teaching students and enjoying every minute of it. Receiving degrees from Highpoint and Indiana University she has always had a passion for teaching. Mrs Malinowski enjoys spending her free time hiking, camping, and "hanging with the family".

Mr Steven Ward is a fabulous addition to the Wakefield family, Talking softly but carrying a positive punch. All of his students can learn alot from his classes. Having spent almost half a decade teaching at Battlefield School in Prince William he is quickly gaining experience as a teacher. He is thoroughly enjoying his time here on the third floor of the Science and Technology building, "Wakefield reminds me of my School". The goal of always being in education is something Mr. Ward believes firmly. Ward spends his free time traveling, working out, and helping out his local community through service. Look for Mr. Ward and his unmistakable bow tie. Strike up a conversation with him on anything science related, or anything for that matter, "His door is always open".

When we think of an experienced teacher, Mr David Button is the definition..having spent almost a half a century teaching he knows his way around a classroom. His teaching record is as long as his students' physics problems. Mr. Button began teaching in 1968. The knowledge Mr. David Button has is an excellent resource for his students and should be taken advantage of at every turn. Whether it be hisory especially civil war related or physics and motion related topics dont be afraid to pay him a visit. He is not currently scheduled to teach the entire year so be sure to take advantage of him while you can.

-Creston Irby

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kourtnee’s Korner: Bathroom Etiquette

Proper Bathroom Etiquette Rules. Rule 1: Place a toilet seat cover or toilet paper on the seat. Rule 2: Squat or sit, whatever floats your boat. Rule 3: Do your business. Rule 4: Clean up. Rule 5: If you leave anything on the toilet seat CLEAN IT UP!!! Rule 6: FLUSH the toilet. Rule 7: Courtesy flush. I am tired of walking into the bathroom and all of the stalls are unusable, when I really have to go. I have to take time, which I really don’t want to waste, to clean up after someone else. We are all old enough to know how to use the bathroom properly and how to clean up after ourselves, so DO IT!! How hard is it to clean up after yourselves?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Noctua Sports: All Wakefield sports All the time

For everything that’s Wakefield sports visit wakefieldsports.This will be a blog completely devoted to Wakefield School sports, including scores, recaps, and editorials. We will work hard to update the blog with current information, and keep readers informed about Wakefield sports.

Kourtnee's Corner

Walking down the hallway I find myself puzzled, everyday. As I’m attempting to make my way to class the only thing in my line of vision is a sea of underclassmen. Why is this an issue? As I am walking to class they all seem to stare at me. They can see that I am approaching and will eventually be trying to get by, but the main issue is that they DON’T MOVE!!, in my haste to make it to class on time I have resorted to pushing people out of my way. Is it so hard to move out of the way or find somewhere else to stand other than the middle of the hallway? Solution: if they don’t move quick enough push them out of the way, and continue to until they learn to move when they see me coming.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mother Librarian

From the moment the young and eager 6th graders take their seats, Ms Clemency, Treptow librarian, is rattling off their names. She does this as if she has known them from birth even though it is only the second week of school. This is an impressive feat that comes naturally to the best and most experienced of teachers. Many students lovingly refer to Ms Clemency as “mom” and she has become exactly that to all the students who have the pleasure of using her library. She has become “in loco parentis” to the Senior class by allowing those upperclassmen to use her library as a spot to wake up in and greet that upcoming day at Wakefield. Ms Clemency is a lifeline for all the students especially those who have embarked on the daunting task of Junior and Senior thesis. If you have not already gotten to know Ms Clemency I suggest that you do so because she is one friend that you can’t afford to miss out on. –Creston Irby

Class Days

The 2010 academic season kicked off with class days, an opportunity for classmates both new and old to bond over bagged lunches and good company. Both the upper and middle school participated in class days, with the help of the Wakefield faculty. Activities ranged from kayaking to ropes courses and every class activity took place off The Wakefield School campus. For Seniors, class days started Sunday afternoon and finished Tuesday. The rest of the upper school class days were held on Monday and Tuesday. The middle school only had class days on Monday and was back in uniform and classes by Tuesday morning. The prices varied by activity which gave reason for some students to complain because they could not afford to go on the trip. However, the general consensus was that days were worth the money and the ability to bond with classmates. – Creston Irby

Kourtnee's Korner: Parking Spaces

Since the beginning of this year, one thing I have heard a lot about is the parking situation. My opinion may be biased but I think that the upper parking lot should be reserved for the Seniors who have paid the parking permit fee and the Faculty. The parking lot behind the upper gym should be for Juniors. It has taken the Seniors four long years to be able to share a parking lot with the Faculty. Juniors have no right to park in the spaces reserved for the Seniors. Juniors, how hard is it to wait just one more year? –Kourtnee Lewis

Monday, September 27, 2010

SGA Elections

The SGA elections for Wakefield School were held on September 23, 2010. The speeches for the candidates were held the day before. These elections were important for the whole school. Here are the winners of the 2010 SGA elections.

Grade/President/Vice President/Secretary

9th Ted Sacripianti Connor Poss Gina Mclinden

10th Caroline Farr Caroline Hoffman Kelly Mason

11th Isabelle Byers Trevor Newman Zach Swallow

12th Natalie Khalil Laura Steensma Sarah Weinstien-Bacal


9th Gabby Castaño Alyssa Ortiz

10th Brooke Addison Alex DA

11th Carter Dale Rachel Cowgill

12th Jordan Hutcheson Lara Kozak

The most important election for this year would be the Junior class. The winners of that election are the ones who are in charge of the most important Lasagna dinner. The profit from this dinner is used to fund the prom. -Zach Zavalanski