Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mother Librarian

From the moment the young and eager 6th graders take their seats, Ms Clemency, Treptow librarian, is rattling off their names. She does this as if she has known them from birth even though it is only the second week of school. This is an impressive feat that comes naturally to the best and most experienced of teachers. Many students lovingly refer to Ms Clemency as “mom” and she has become exactly that to all the students who have the pleasure of using her library. She has become “in loco parentis” to the Senior class by allowing those upperclassmen to use her library as a spot to wake up in and greet that upcoming day at Wakefield. Ms Clemency is a lifeline for all the students especially those who have embarked on the daunting task of Junior and Senior thesis. If you have not already gotten to know Ms Clemency I suggest that you do so because she is one friend that you can’t afford to miss out on. –Creston Irby

Class Days

The 2010 academic season kicked off with class days, an opportunity for classmates both new and old to bond over bagged lunches and good company. Both the upper and middle school participated in class days, with the help of the Wakefield faculty. Activities ranged from kayaking to ropes courses and every class activity took place off The Wakefield School campus. For Seniors, class days started Sunday afternoon and finished Tuesday. The rest of the upper school class days were held on Monday and Tuesday. The middle school only had class days on Monday and was back in uniform and classes by Tuesday morning. The prices varied by activity which gave reason for some students to complain because they could not afford to go on the trip. However, the general consensus was that days were worth the money and the ability to bond with classmates. – Creston Irby

Kourtnee's Korner: Parking Spaces

Since the beginning of this year, one thing I have heard a lot about is the parking situation. My opinion may be biased but I think that the upper parking lot should be reserved for the Seniors who have paid the parking permit fee and the Faculty. The parking lot behind the upper gym should be for Juniors. It has taken the Seniors four long years to be able to share a parking lot with the Faculty. Juniors have no right to park in the spaces reserved for the Seniors. Juniors, how hard is it to wait just one more year? –Kourtnee Lewis

Monday, September 27, 2010

SGA Elections

The SGA elections for Wakefield School were held on September 23, 2010. The speeches for the candidates were held the day before. These elections were important for the whole school. Here are the winners of the 2010 SGA elections.

Grade/President/Vice President/Secretary

9th Ted Sacripianti Connor Poss Gina Mclinden

10th Caroline Farr Caroline Hoffman Kelly Mason

11th Isabelle Byers Trevor Newman Zach Swallow

12th Natalie Khalil Laura Steensma Sarah Weinstien-Bacal


9th Gabby Castaño Alyssa Ortiz

10th Brooke Addison Alex DA

11th Carter Dale Rachel Cowgill

12th Jordan Hutcheson Lara Kozak

The most important election for this year would be the Junior class. The winners of that election are the ones who are in charge of the most important Lasagna dinner. The profit from this dinner is used to fund the prom. -Zach Zavalanski