Monday, September 27, 2010

SGA Elections

The SGA elections for Wakefield School were held on September 23, 2010. The speeches for the candidates were held the day before. These elections were important for the whole school. Here are the winners of the 2010 SGA elections.

Grade/President/Vice President/Secretary

9th Ted Sacripianti Connor Poss Gina Mclinden

10th Caroline Farr Caroline Hoffman Kelly Mason

11th Isabelle Byers Trevor Newman Zach Swallow

12th Natalie Khalil Laura Steensma Sarah Weinstien-Bacal


9th Gabby Castaño Alyssa Ortiz

10th Brooke Addison Alex DA

11th Carter Dale Rachel Cowgill

12th Jordan Hutcheson Lara Kozak

The most important election for this year would be the Junior class. The winners of that election are the ones who are in charge of the most important Lasagna dinner. The profit from this dinner is used to fund the prom. -Zach Zavalanski

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