Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wakefield's Road to Accredidation

Wakefield was closely examined by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) over the week of November 12-15, 2010. The process began on Sunday November 12, 2010 with a reception and tour of the campus attended by the entire faculty. The VAIS team, made of independent school administrators and teachers from several disciplines,came to Wakefield's beautiful campus to do more than just to take in the view and look at the classrooms.

Representatives from VAIS sat in every class at least once, to gain a greater understanding of the Wakefield way. The VAIS representatives were on campus until Wednesday, November 15, 2010 meeting with various teachers and heads of the departments to truly soak up what Wakefield stands for.

This is a process that occurs every 10 years and is more than just a rubber stamp. The process gives Wakefield an opportunity to show other independent schools what makes us uniqiue. The visit was a overwhelming success and Wakefield continues to uphold its core values, making it one of the best schools in the state.

The Gift Giving Season

Now is the time to share with people. Be sure to listen for Service Club announcements and help in anyway you can by donating canned food. Be sure to extend your reach outside that of Wakefield and spend some time in your local community in service projects. If you have ideas for projects that you think the Service Club would be interested be sure to let Mrs. Wyrsch know. The Service Club has many projects coming up and they would love as much help as possible.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Wakefield Performing Arts has done it again! Macbeth took place on November 3rd, 4th, and 5th in the lower gym.The production was a huge hit selling out all three nights. The show required taking down the set and adding more seats for Friday's performance.

Thoreau Martin and Kate Crescenzo took the lead roles as Macbeth and his spouse and tackled them with great control. "For the first time being in a lead role I felt I did a great job, but it was no easy task because of the amount of lines I had to remember." said Martin of his performance. Sixth grader Cason Atkinson played Malcolm with stunning aplomb and maturity. The middle schooler's performance rocked the house. Freshman Crescenzo's memorable performance as Lady Macbeth promises to be the first of many great roles for the freshman on the Wakefield stage.

The whole cast of the production, including several faculty members, did a wonderful job performing in front of packed houses on all three nights. The play was an amazing production and showed what Wakefield Performing Arts can bring to the table. Director Tom Bazar added another feather to his directors cap with this show. If you missed this production of Macbeth, make sure to come out and see All in the Timing in December. Performing Arts is on a roll!