Thursday, October 21, 2010

Button, Ward, and Malinowski...Classroom Veterans

Wakefield has brought 3 new teachers aboard, Mr. David Button, Mrs Stacy Malinowski, and Mr. Steven Ward. Their teaching styles differ as greatly as their names do from one another. With a background in the sciences and mathamatics all three make these subjects their prowess! Heres the quick version of what you need to know.

Mrs Stacy Malinowski is the first athletic trainer in Wakefield history. She provides a great service to all students even beyond that of the classroom. She has spent the last 9 years teaching students and enjoying every minute of it. Receiving degrees from Highpoint and Indiana University she has always had a passion for teaching. Mrs Malinowski enjoys spending her free time hiking, camping, and "hanging with the family".

Mr Steven Ward is a fabulous addition to the Wakefield family, Talking softly but carrying a positive punch. All of his students can learn alot from his classes. Having spent almost half a decade teaching at Battlefield School in Prince William he is quickly gaining experience as a teacher. He is thoroughly enjoying his time here on the third floor of the Science and Technology building, "Wakefield reminds me of my School". The goal of always being in education is something Mr. Ward believes firmly. Ward spends his free time traveling, working out, and helping out his local community through service. Look for Mr. Ward and his unmistakable bow tie. Strike up a conversation with him on anything science related, or anything for that matter, "His door is always open".

When we think of an experienced teacher, Mr David Button is the definition..having spent almost a half a century teaching he knows his way around a classroom. His teaching record is as long as his students' physics problems. Mr. Button began teaching in 1968. The knowledge Mr. David Button has is an excellent resource for his students and should be taken advantage of at every turn. Whether it be hisory especially civil war related or physics and motion related topics dont be afraid to pay him a visit. He is not currently scheduled to teach the entire year so be sure to take advantage of him while you can.

-Creston Irby

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