Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kourtnee's Korner--Class Days

It’s my senior year and in most of my time here, enduring class days, has all been the same. I couldn’t even begin to tell the difference between what I did 6th grade year or 11th grade year. Why you ask? Because THEY HAVE ALL BEEN THE SAME!! Don’t get me wrong it’s cool to have a little buddy in lower school who looks up to you and all, but there is no bonding going on at all, which is supposed to be the point of Class Days. I don’t learn a lot from my buddies, because they either don’t talk, or I don’t find what they are talking about to be interesting. Having buddies would be fun if the activities were fun. A new set list of activities is needed. The same thing every year, going to the Corn Maze, games on the lower field, and capture the flag on the upper field, and calling it a day. Is it so hard to ask for something new to do every year?

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